Tom Becherer, Architect.Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, Tom Becherer grew up in a home with his sister, mother and father who started and run a successful IT and communications company that does work globally. He attended St. Stephens and St. Agnes School for twelve years, an independent JK-12, Episcopalian institution that focused on academics, college prep, and competitive athletics in the Washington D.C. area where Tom participated as a three sport varsity athlete in cross country running, wrestling and baseball. It was here where Tom understood he had a passion for craft, quality and design, yet had not yet realized architecture was the ideal field of study in his college career. Only when his parents decided to invest in building a home, did Tom appreciate that architecture and design was the path he wanted to take.

He has also spent time in Peru, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Croatia and Spain.

Tom is currently a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating shortly with a degree in architecture form the college of Environmental Design. His past academic work includes projects that focus on all scales including urban planning, small and large scale architecture, graphic and product design. Throughout his four years in attending CU, he has taken opportunities interning at architecture firms in Washington, D.C. and Lima, Peru, while also interning at IT companies in Virginia and Germany.

While Tom is not spending time on his studies, he experiments with 3D printing using his own personal printer, conceptual automotive and product design, cycling, snowboarding and other outdoor activities that Colorado is known for. He is interested in practical mechanical engineering, and labels himself as a self-taught engineer who constantly finds things to take apart and rebuild. Tom restored his high school transportation, a 1972 Mercedes Benz coupe, which is stored safely at his childhood home and enjoys taking it out on nice days over vacation.