Spring 2013
Following the Boulder Creek Bridges analysis, we were given a chance to design our own. The site was On the University of Colorado’s East Campus, which has access to Boulder Creek. Drawings were to be done by hand, supplemented by a model showing the structure supporting our design. Divided into 3 sections, the bridge organizes two directions of pedestrian traffic on to the sides, with cyclists, runners and faster movement in the middle. In order to give a feeling of transparency and to showcase the structure of the bridge, the center section is paved with a metal mesh like material; porous enough for rain to fall through and to seem transparent, yet fine enough allowing cyclists a smooth ride. At the apex of the bridge are two sitting areas, one on each side. They project from the sides allowing those who wish to sit a place separate from the traffic. A frame-like structure pulls from postmodernism and focuses the user’s view on the natural beauty of Boulder Creek.