Fall 2015

Centered around our small groups of three, this first semester senior level project gave us a chance to experience what it might be like to work in a small design and production team in an architecture firm. The final deliverables were presented at a final review in a small architecture and development firm in Denver where were instructed to market both our design proposal and company. As a team we produced design drawings, perspective renderings, a physical and 3D model along with presentation boards and several copies of proposals to hand to our reviewers. In short, this semester focused on large scale commercial projects in a simulated professional environment.

We began by searching RFP’s online, specifically in the colorado area and decided on the Crested Butte Performing Arts Center. Design took two weeks to finalize, while the rest of the semester focused on completing the proposal, drawings and contract. The end result was a mid sized arts center that could seat 500 people in its auditorium. It sits in the terrain as opposed to on it, and uses geometry that expresses the programs and functions of the building. Stylistically, we took our inspiration from the area’s native american history, and ended with an earthy look with stone, woods and concrete.

My position on the project was lead designer and graphics. The perspectives and 3D renders are my own work.