Summer 2014
Jose Gavaria Internship
The following is modeling and illustration work I did in the office of Joe Gaviria in Lima, Peru, where I spent five weeks as an intern. The work was used in client meetings and in some cases, such as the bench and small residence, my own design input was included as well.


This was the first project I completed while working for Jose Gaviria. I was given elevation drawings for this condominium building, and the assignment was to draw it in 3D and showcase several different color schemes for the complex. The one illustrated is the color scheme that was chosen.


During my internship with Jose Gaviria, one of the assignments I had was to finish the Sketchup model another employee had began. The Project was this home, located in Miami that was designed by Mr. Gaviria. By completion, the new Sketchup model had gotten rid of unnecessary geometry, fixed incorrect geometry and was organized into layers that made rendering much easier. The artistic renders were completed after my time at Jose Gaviria’s office.


One client of Mr. Gaviria’s owned a small lot on the coast of Peru in one of the country’s many oceanside developments, and I was given the task of producing illustrated floor plans. I was given autocad floor plans that I converted to PDF format and imported to photoshop where the illustrations were developed and finalized.


Initially drawn in Sketchup, this bench served as a conceptual design to a client who worked with Jose Gaviria on an earlier project. It was meant to be placed in a public space such as the lobby in an apartment building. After the first set of renders, the model was imported into Rhino for digital fabrication, where construction drawings were finished. Later renders were done using V-ray.