Spring 2015

This project was designed, developed and built in one semester.  The client was the Jarrow Montessori School in Boulder, Colorado.  The school had requested a covered seating area for the students to use during carpool and to shelter them from the variety of weather in the Rocky Mountain Area.  Of the 14 students in the studio class, 7 teams were created and  competed against each other for the winning bid.  The model shown came in second.

The design pulled on simple connections, geometric shapes inspired by traditional proportions, and the natural elements to create a clean yet rustic structure.  The steep roof pitches were meant to catch rainwater and guide it to the edge where it fell into a concrete channel on the ground, creating a rain curtain.  The rafters in the ceiling were exposed so that the teachers could hang banners and student work for users to see and the division of rooftops created an intersection for a small courtyard to the side.

Despite not becoming the winning bid, the build process was a chance to be part of a construction team.  Each of us before setting into our desired job got to experiment concrete work, wood work, painting and foundation work.