Fall 2013
Sitting along Boulder Creek with access to bike baths, bus routes and five minutes from the University of Colorado and historic Pearl Street, this two bedroom home offers a design that is quiet and unobtrusive to the natural habitat that surrounds it. It utilizes the idea of an open plan, while using small elevation changes and varying heights to differentiate spaces within the first floor. The master bedroom is entirely separate from the main structure, allowing complete privacy when desired. The second bedroom, located above the living area is private as well, being the only room on the upper floor and is complete with its own bathroom, walk in closet and desk area. Along with having a quiet and transparent design from the exterior, the interior balances publicand private spaces by going to both ends of the spectrum. Private spaces are out of the way and almost difficult to reach, while all the public spaces remain in one area and use minor changes in height, materiality, or transparent barriers to divide the space.

The guidelines for this sophomore year project were limited and allowed for more freedom in design. Given that this was the first project where the final product was an enclosed building, the main focuses were on usability, space for mechanical systems, materiality and structure, where the structural aspect was part of the curriculum for our first Structures class that same semester.